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Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm officially in china, and have spent my first night in the hotel. Last night I had my first real chinese dinner, and boy did I try some weird things. I am proud to say that I did try everything in front of me (that was interesting to say the least). Today is a tour or the forbidden city and the Tiananmen square. I do have to say that I am most excited for my ping pong lesson today. I will tell you about what happened tonight, so keep checking for a new post. Later...


miggs said...

WOOO GO DREW!!! ik youll rec at ping pong man!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dreww!! miss you buddy!!! have a great day today! cant wait to hear from you! love youu!!

miggs said...

i miss u drew

Reggie said...

How was the flight? Have a great day! Take in all the sites. I set up my BBI so try it later.


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