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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today was quite an interesting day. We started of with the Urban Planning Center. This was probably the coolest museum I havew ever been to. From the outside it looked like a normal building, as if it weren't special. But as we wlked onto the escalators, you saw the beauty of the interior. It was one of the most modern places I have ever been to. The whole museum was based on the architecture of Beijing personal favorite part of the tour was the murals of the buildings built closest to the present. Included was the bird's nest, water cube, snd the performing arts bulding. (His opened my eyes to the true beauty of Beijing. (Hey also has a huge model of Beijing, where the buildings were less then a foot high. You could see the whole city. We also watched an interesting movie on how the city of Beijing was created. After, we went to the promenade and shopped. It was a beautiful strip of great shopping. We then went to lunch and ate mongolian hot pot (not my favorite meal). We had boiling water with onion, and certain spices and we had to boil the meat. (He waitresses thought me and daniel were hysterical). Then we went to learn calligraphy. I learned to draw the symbol for longevity. We also went to see a traditional Hutong home. (He layout was beautiful because all the rooms were built around the courtyard. We ended that adventure off with a rickshaw ride, which was very cool. The final thing we did was go to the silk museum. It was amazing to see how silk is created with the cocoons. They take the silk worm cocoon and boil it enabling it to stretch out. This is how they make the really fluffy silk comforters. The process was really unbelievable.


rozie13 said...

What an action packed day! You must be exhausted..did you find any new sun glasses at the promenade? Hope someone took a picture of you in a rickshaw!

Greg said...

So you go to China to get worked by a Tai Chi master, and a ping pong student? You should have just asked me to do that and saved the money.

You could have told me you were going to the temple of heaven, God owes me money so you could have just picked it up for me and saved me the time of tracking him down.

Enjoy, and see if you can bring some authentic chinese recipes back with English preferably.

Karen Wells said...

What a great day you had. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the hot pots. It seems as if some of you really liked them and others didn't. It certainly was a lunch experience you're not likely to find around my area. Karen Wells DSA South Africa

Changing Connections said...

I'm getting a sense of you and Daniel being the comic relief on this trip. Don't think I would like Mongolian hot pot stew, but would love to be able to say that, having walked in your footprint through China. Enjoy the trip.

RJ Stangherlin
PA DEN Leadership Council Blog Coordinator

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