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drew in china. day 8

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Today was as tiring as the treck at the great wall. We walked down to a normal breakfast of eggs, french toast, and bacon. I was as happy as a man could be. Then we walked onto the bus, and awaited our next adventure, the summer mountain resort. We funneled out of the bus, and walkked through the gates to a small concert. The musicians played music as they would to the emperor. Such music played was the four seasons. After, we were able to go closer to the instruments. I even played one of the ancient string instruments. The most rugged part was climbing what I like to call the mini wall of china. It was a wall closing out the summer mountain resort. The wall was a workout with the very steep hills. It was very very tiring. We then had a picnic to end our trip to the resort. Our next destination was a paper cutting place. There art was very intricate. I made my own, a bat, and then bought two as gifts. It was a very cool experience. To end our night we went to dinner and watched a talent show. We even went up to go and dance for one of the singers. All in all it was a great and eventfull day. Can't wait to see what's next!


miggs said...

Sick man Sound lik your having a blast i miss you man ENJOY YOUR STAY

Karen Wells said...

I bet you were still feeling the effects from yesterday's monster hike. Aren't you glad they mix in some milder activities like paper cutting with the extreme activities? You guys would fall over from exhaustion if they didn't. Karen Wells DSA South Africa

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