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The Closing Curtain

Monday, August 17, 2009

Well, it has all come to an end. It was an amazing, life-changing journey and I would not give it up for anything. I learned so much, met amazing people, and tried things that I thought I would never in my entire life. I am truly honored to have this oppurtunity and be chosen for this once in a life time oppurtunity.

The moment that will stay with me forever, was the Great Wall hike. I saw some things that aome people will never see in their lifetime. Only 5,000 people have walked where I stepped foot. It was the most amazing thing i have ever seen, and was amazed by the beauty of it. I described in a past post as something you must see for yourself, and i stand by my word. No words are great enough for me to use to describe that wonder.

I want to take this time to thank everyone for making this trip possible. DSA, your an amazing group of people, with a great idea. I hope all goes well for your future business. Thank you to China Star tourism, and the whole china staff, you made this trip everythine it could be. Thank you teachers, you are all amazing people. especially Ms. Sullivan for taking me on this trip and believing that I was qualified to be on this trip. I also want to think the other students on this trip. You all are wonderful people, and i am honored to call you my friends. We grew so close on this trip, and the trip would not be the same with each person there.

So in conclusion, this trip was so unbeliveable that I am speechless. Thank you everyone for making this trip possible, I had the time of my life. Not much more to say... Drew Regino, out.


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Duration 15 days
When August 4th - 18th, 2009
Focus History/Culture
Martial Arts
Modern/Ancient Architecture