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Monday, August 10, 2009

Today was one of the most interesting days of the trip. I learned a lot of cool things, and learned things that I will keep with me forever. We started the day off at the Longmen Grove. This was a mountain of sandstone, that was carved into buddahs. But this is not like Mt. Rushmore, there are more than 100000 buddahs sculpted into this mountain. The height ranging from 17 meters to 4 centimeters. The coolest part of the place was learning about the defacing of some of the statues. Some sculptures had the heads obliverated off because some emperors had different beliefs in religion. Taoism and Buddism were the different religions, that were often butting heads. People also pay a heafty salary to steal one of the heads of the scultures, another reasoning for the decapitated bodies. This was one of the more interesting places we have been to. Then, we were on the bus again to go to the Shaolin Temple. As we reached Shaolin, we found that we were going to meet the master at the Temple. It was very important to be respectful towards these very religious people, because they are so conservative. He gave us a lecture on th brief history of the Shaolin monks. He also gave us tips on life, and how we should release all anger, greed, and stupidity. Because if were are to do this, we will be rewarded in the after life. Daniel asked what was the name of the buddhist afterlife is. The master said that we should not worry about our afterlife now, and live in our present ones. :e also stated that it doesn't matter what kind of afterlife we have, he related it to christianity and how christians believe in heaven. The master added that we all have a little heaven in our hearts, and the best way to live our life is with a pure heart, like a childs. I will take what the master had to say, and keep it lodged into my brain. It was so wise, and enpowering. I wonder what there is to be learned next!


Melody said...

soooo what would this master's advice be for a CRAZY JEALOUS sister you have at home who has little piece of heaven in her heart, but another piece that thinks you aren't very nice for not bringing her along? i miss you terribly and cannot wait to hear about all of this stuff in person NEXT WEEK! I know you are probably dreading coming home, because of how amazing this experience has been- but savor your days there, take it all in, and don't forget about all of us average joes here in the states. love you duke...

rozie13 said...

You have learned well, young Po...this trip has definitely changed you physically, mentally & emotionally! I'm glad you got to see both the beauty of the country as well as the people who live there~ An adventure like this is PRICELESS!! Keep taking it all in : )
See you soon...miss you xoxo

Karen Wells said...

If we would "release all anger, greed, and stupidity" and live our lives with a pure heart, wars would cease, life would be delightful, and happiness would abound. Such simple, yet powerful words of advice you were given. Karen Wells DSA South Africa

Changing Connections said...

An important life lesson that would buy coinage not only in the afterlife, but what global good if we could release anger, greed, and stupidity as individuals. Living in the moment, in the present, with a little heaven in our hearts--I cannot imagine you will receive better advice than this on your cultural immersion.

RJ Stangherlin
PA DEN Leadership Council Blog Coordinator

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