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beatboxing on the great wall

Friday, August 7, 2009

We camped under the stars next to The Great Wall, and boy was it rigorous yet fun. We had to pitch our own tents, and roll out the mats and sleeping bags. The wake up call was set to be at 5 in the morning, and that was not a problem with me. I woke up at 4 30 in the morning out of sheer excitement. The team packed up, ate breakfast, and we were of for our hike. We found out that we were climbing up a very steep hill right off our base camp, and it was the right way to start. Our team reached the first beacon tower shortly after we set off from base, and the view was breath taking. I was talking to a friend during the trip, and we talked about how there are literally no words to describe the great wall, because a single word does not give the wall justice. To really get the feeling of this unbelievable structure, you must go take a look yourself. As I looked at the wall around me, I could not stop wondering how this amazing thing was built. The thoughts soon made it's turn as we made our way from the wall towards a detour. The hike away from the wall was trechorous and demanding. It was simply just walking on top of the wall. We were climbing, sliding, and some were even falling. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Who else can get go through a massive corn field and actually climb up the great wall. It was an amazing experience, and it made me aware of the beauty of the wall. It truly deserves its place as one of the seven wonders of the world.


rozie13 said...

Sleeping under the stars and hiking the Great Wall...who has it better than you? I'm sure you entertained everyone with your beatboxing...who needs an ipod when they have Keep having fun, relish every moment and take lots of pictures!! Luv ya xoxox

Karen said...

Are you reading to visit the other wonders of the world now? This "hike" will be a memory you will take with you forever. Karen Wells DSA South Africa

Anonymous said...

Drew this sounds soo awesome!! Hope you're having the greatest time! Bring back some fun stories! Love ya! -Maris

Changing Connections said...

Your first sentence is a grabber, but your insights in stating that to understand the structure you have to take a look at yourself--wonderful.


You made me see the Wall in a different way than other posts. Thank you.

RJ Stangherlin

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