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all i can eat?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

What's going on everyone? Its drew from china. I am on a bus to go back to Beijing. We have to go to the train station, for an overnight ride to go to the Shaolin temple. With travel in mind, we had to wake up early, and we only had a small event planned for the day. We went to a palace where the emperor would stay. It was said to have 400 steps (I only counted 200). It actually reminded me of the globe theatre that was in England. It was a really nice theatre that was very vivid and colorful. The coolest thing had to be the roof. It was made of gold, and you could actually see the gold scratched off the first layer of the roof. But the top layer was perfectly conserved because they could not get to the top. It was a very interesting fact. Now we are going on an overnight train to go to Shaolin temple to learn kung fu. But the best part of the day, all I can eat McDonalds. Later!


Reggie said...

I guess it was good to have a down day so you could re-energize. I can't beleive it's one week already. You accomplished so much in one weeks time. Enjoy the train ride and watch out for those Kung Fu guys!

Changing Connections said...

After all of your activity, I'm guessing that a train ride will be a welcomed rest from this really energetic trip. Before you arrived in China, did you ever think that the trip was require amazing physical fitness?

Your details are wonderful; I really enjoyed your description of the parts of the temple roof that are not gold versus the top which is intact. What a time you are having. Enjoy, and do keep blogging. I enjoy your posts.

RJ Stangherlin
PA DEN Leadership Council Blog Coordinator

Karen Wells said...

Drew, Enjoy the down time because you never know what adventure is lurking right around the corner. Karen Wells DSA South Africa

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